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Windows 8 RTM build 8253 Compiled [Rumor]

Recently , we shared new leaked screenshots from Windows 8 build 8518 ,stating Microsoft is making some last moment changed before Windows 8 to be RTM. Lately winunleaked shared that the latest compiled… Read more »

Windows 8 build 8222 under Beta compiled

Windows 8 is one of the buzz word in the market as we expect a lot from Microsoft’s alltogether new concept. We have been following Windows 8 development consistently ,… Read more »

Windows 8 build 8063

According to , latest knows Windows 8 compiled build is 8063. The complete build string is 8063.0.110804-1922. This build belongs to Windows 8 milestone 3 and was compiled on 4th… Read more »

Windows 8 build 8042

We have earlier reported that latest Windows 8 compiled build was 8030  , but we were still unsure that is that a fake news or not. Lately from the same source… Read more »

Windows 8 build 8030 and New Notification Indicator

We have been continuously tracking Windows 8 compiled builds and we earlier stated that Microsoft Next operating  system windows 8 is nearing beta. With Windows 8 leaks continuously hitting the… Read more »

Windows 8 M3 build 7989 leaked

Its not been quite few hours since we intimated about Windows 8 build 7989 leaked screenshots and build 7989 have been leaked over a private FTP server. This build belongs… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7989 Screenshot leaked,nearing beta

Recently new screenshot to Windows 8 build 7989 were leaked via MDL via BetaArchive . These screenshots come from build 7989 with complete build string ,7989.winmain.110421-1825 . Again screenshots arising at BetaArchive… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7985 @Computex demo

Windows 8 first official preview was made by Microsoft very own Windows chief , Steven Sinofsky @D9 conference and Mike Angiulo, corporate vice president of Windows Planning, Hardware and PC… Read more »

Microsoft Announces “BuildWindows”

Microsoft have finally announced ‘BuildWindows“, a developer conference on Sept. 13 – 16 in Anaheim, California this year. BuildWindows is Rename to Microsoft’s event PDC . Build or PDC ,… Read more »

Windows 8 build 8011

We have been discussing about Windows 8 builds , we earlier reported that Windows 8 build 8000 will mark start of Windows 8 beta compilation. But we have not received… Read more »

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