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Windows 8 build 7976

Few days back latest known Windows 8 build was Windows 8 build 7974. . According to Zukona the latest build compiled is build 7976. The complete build string is 6.2.7976.0.110401-1700 .This… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7974

While its April Fool’s day and we are still expecting a Windows 8 leak a source confirms that latest windows 8 build compiled is build 7974.The complete build string is … Read more »

Windows 8 build 7973 Setup Screenshot

Recently we informed the last known Windows 8 build was build 7973 and a now we have received a setup screenshot . Also recently another Windows 8 M3 wallpaper have… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7973

Today Win7china posted that the latest build available is build 7973 with build string as 6.2.7973.0.110329. This build is compiled on 29th march and is the latest build available.  It’s… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7971

After Windows 8 is finally out to some exclusive beta testers ,Canouna confirmed latest Windows 8 build to be build 7971. This build is the same number which is out… Read more »

Windows 8 165 + branches compiled

In a recent job post , its been notified that Windows 8 core build team have compiled over 165 branches . Job Category: Software Engineering: Build Location: United States, WA,… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7968

Windows 8 milestone 3 compilation have taken pace and once again ANGEL OF DESPAIR have informed via Zuko that the latest windows 8 build compiled is build 7968 . The… Read more »

Windows 8 latest build 7964

Once again zuko is back in action , and he discovers the latest Windows 8 builds as 7964 . The screenshot for about page was revealed by Twitter user RobyRoby27… Read more »

Windows 8 build Roadmap

In our few recent posts,  we have been talking about Windows 8 Milestone 3 compilation which Mary-Jo Foley has confirmed to be true in her recent post . In her… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7959 : Milestone 3 first Screenshots

Windows 8  best source of information of leaks , Zukona  once again came up with another windows 8 build leak. This leak is also accompanied with Windows 8 setup screenshots… Read more »

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