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Modern Windows Live Messenger in planning Windows 8

With Windows 8 official news hitting the market ,all were excited to know whats cooking under Microsoft and what can we expect from next OS from the software giant.Since Microsoft… Read more »

Windows 8 build 8030 and New Notification Indicator

We have been continuously tracking Windows 8 compiled builds and we earlier stated that Microsoft Next operating  system windows 8 is nearing beta. With Windows 8 leaks continuously hitting the… Read more »

Windows 8 Hyper V3.0 ,VHDX and ISO Mount function found

While tweaking with Windows 8 leaked build it has been revealed that it would accompany Hyper-V 3.0 and VHDX i.e new Virtual Hard Disk format. Microsoft seems to have a… Read more »

Windows 8 Betta Fish Boot Screen [Video]

We have earlier posted that Windows 8 build 7989 have been leaked over the web and it contains many new features and a lot still to be unlocked. We have… Read more »

Windows 8 M3 build 7989 leaked

Its not been quite few hours since we intimated about Windows 8 build 7989 leaked screenshots and build 7989 have been leaked over a private FTP server. This build belongs… Read more »

Windows 8 Release date in Next Autumn

Well well well , its been not much time since Microsoft showed off Windows 8 tablet devices at D9 conference and Computex 2011 earlier and we have started hearing about… Read more »

Windows 8 Protogon File System working in leaked builds?

Windows 8 is expected to have a new file system in addition to File Allocation Table (FAT), FAT32 and NTFS (New Technology File System).This new rumored file system is named… Read more »

Windows 8 Metro On-Screen Keyboard found in build 7955

We have earlier posted that Windows 8 build 7955 was leaked via FTP server of BetaArchive’s forum.Some tweakers have already uncovered DWM , Ribbon UI and more features in 7955… Read more »

Windows 8 crash-detection,3G/Wi-Fi/WWAN Cost Limiter N multi-monitor support revealed

With leak of few windows 8 builds , we have come across some features such as in-built pdf reader , Live id sync ,immersive browser and even more. Though what… Read more »

Windows 8 to feature built in “chatter” Voice and IM app[Rumor]

With Microsoft revealing windows 8 tablets at D9 conference and Computex 2011 , Manan Kakkar Spotted an unusual video icon on the lock screen. Looks like Microsoft is planning to… Read more »

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