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Windows 8 to be showcased @ D9 conference by Sinofsky

It has been announced by allthingsd , that we will be having Microsoft Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky would be showcasing Windows 8 Tablet UI at D9 conference Next week. This year D9 conference is… Read more »

Windows Store logo and features revealed

According to , following features will be available in Windows 8 store : Will supported fulfill purchase goods and services directly within applications. Will can install applications trial and… Read more »

Windows 8 server edition(x64) build 7959 leaked

Once again ,BetaArchive forum is back in action which another Windows 8 leak. This is for the third consecutive time BetaArchive have leaked or the other Windows 8 builds. This… Read more »

Windows 8 to feature Custom Lock Screen

With Windows 8 build 7955 leak , lots of people have been digging into the new OS so as to find as many features as they can. Recently Alex Reed,… Read more »

Windows 8 inbuilt reader to feature print dialog box and scroll bar

Windows 8 build 7955 is latest build leaked on the web.Before that Windows 8 build 7850 was leaked with lots of bugs and hidden features as well. We came up… Read more »

How to Unlock Windows 8 Build 7955 Dynamic Windows Manager(DWM)

With Windows 8 build 7955 build leak via BetaArchive’s Forum , again by some anonymous user lots of new features have been uncovered.Earlier Windows 8 build 7850 was leaked over the same… Read more »

Windows 8 System Settings in Metro UI Menu -[Video]

A couple of Windows 8 features have been surfaced over the web via screenshots , videos and more. Recently after Windows 8 build 7955 leaked over betaarchive , a couple… Read more »

Windows 8 video featuring Touch Effects/Gestures and Metro UI OOBE

With latest Windows 8 build 7955 leak , lots of beta collectors and tweakers have started digging the latest build.nd thus lots of new features have started surfacing over the… Read more »

Windows 8 black screen of death [video]

Recently Windows 8 build 7955 has been leaked over the web and we have been upright in sharing its leaked screenshots and features. Earlier we revealed a screenshot for Windows… Read more »

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