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    Autocad 2006 not working with Windows 8

    What can be done for this issue now? I was able to install the application as such in my Windows 8 PC but the moment when I try to run it just fails and doesn’t work at all. Tried changing that compatibility option but still no help. What should I do now? Is anyone using Autocad 2006 in Windows 8 already? I just want this version to work as the project is related to that.

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    Re: Autocad 2006 not working with Windows 8

    Hello Dear Dude ..

    Kindly follow the below procedure

    Autocad 2006 is a better version

    And There is a version up to AUTOCAD 2010 ...

    Go to the App Store

    Then go to the Search option ...there you need to Click the Autocad 2006 option

    Then finally go to the Download and Install it

    That is it


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    Re: Autocad 2006 not working with Windows 8

    Dear friend Autocad is a designing application used by engineering to solve design problems as well as develop some useful design.

    Autocad 2006 is the old version of the Autocad which was made intentionally for the windows xp.

    If you want to use Autocad on the windows 8 then go with the latest version Autocad 2010.
    ofcourse Autocad does not comes free and you will need to purchase Autocad 2010 even if you purchased the 2006 version.

    However if you donot want to Run Autocad 2010 then install the windows xp on a virtual machine and run autocad from there.

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    Re: Autocad 2006 not working with Windows 8

    The Autocad version you have downloaded from has been crashed or some files has been missed..
    But don't worry You may solve the problem..
    You have to download it again..
    I will suggest you to Download the latest versions like Autocad'12 or Autocad'13..
    If you are a student then you may get it freely from the Official Site of Autodesk...


    Hope You get Your Solutions...

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