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    Fix for Error 138 ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED in Windows 8

    I am just trying to use the Chrome browser in my Windows 8 OS and now I just keep on getting the Error as “Error 138 ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED”. I have set the firewall settings properly but still facing this issue. How can I fix this now?

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    Re: Fix for Error 138 ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED in Windows 8

    Hello Friend,
    It some times gets affected due to Antivirus firewalls problem so, need not to worry about that you can fix it.

    As you said you had done firewall settings and not getting over error. Make sure you've change the Firewall settings like this check over. if not, then do this way and try chrome

    1) Open charms bar and type Firewall

    2) tap on Firewall and then tap on Settings.

    3) click on Program Permissions and tap on Google Chrome and Delete it.

    4) Now, click on Add tab and then browse for Chrome.exe which is located at C drive's Program files Google chrome folder.

    If above stated steps not helps, then try these process.

    1) Jump into Control Panel and tap on Internet Options

    2) click on Connections tab. and then

    3) click on LAN settings and make sure to check the box Automatically detect the settings.

    Thank you.

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