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    What to do if VMWare Player not working with Windows 8?

    After dual booting windows 8 and windows 7, having issue with not working VMWare Player. It was working good before loading windows 8 but whenever using screen shows an error Not enough physical memory is available. How can i avoid this error? Any help!!

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    Re: What to do if VMWare Player not working with Windows 8?

    Dear let me first introduce you to waht the vm player is.

    The vmware is the software virtulisation software that allows you to run your software in completely virtual environment of the vmware.

    That is the software installed and run in the vmware have nothing to take from your actual system settings.

    For example if you want to try the new windows 8 but does not want to alter the existing system files and settings

    then you may install the vmware . Start your old os say windows 7 and then start vmware.

    Install windows 8 in the vmware and start it. Remember no changes shall be made to your system by the windwos 8 installation.

    However you will need to specify a drive whwre vmware can save the files.

    Now regarding your question...

    Think you have already installed memory hungry windwos 8 and after starting vmware there is no sufficient ram available to run vmware.

    Hence upgrade your ram and the vmware will work without any hassel.

    Hope it helps you. For the further assistance contact me on my visitor massage.


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