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    XAMP is not working in Windows 8

    I had bought a new pc having Windows 8 operating system installed in my laptop. It is of 2 years old. To run php code, I need to install XAMP software in my laptop but when I am trying to install XAMP in my system, then I am getting unable to install message. So please solve this problem.

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    Re: XAMP is not working in Windows 8

    You might not have downloaded the correct set up file for XAMPP.

    It is available in three versions:
    >> Installer
    >> Zip
    >> 7zip

    Official website:- http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html

    I will recommend you to use ZIP version of the XAMPP as it can be moved to another system at later stages.

    Download the file from above website.
    Unzip it first.
    Copy it into C Drive.
    It is done.

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