Modern Windows Live Messenger in planning Windows 8

With Windows 8 official news hitting the market ,all were excited to know whats cooking under Microsoft and what can we expect from next OS from the software giant.Since Microsoft showcased Windows 8 @D9 conference and @Computex 2011 , its been a buzz on the web. We are talking more and more about its expected as well as leaked features.

We could tweak around with Windows 8 leaked build 7850,7955,7959 and 7989 to find out whats under development. Yes we succeeded in finding out out some cool things like immersive browser , metro looks , tablet support , history vault ,pdf reader , explorer ribbons , BlueSOD to BlackSOD and more.

Now ,Microsoft under the hood is planning for next version of Windows phone 8 “Apollo” , then why would it stop for Windows Live Messenger?

Under this Job Post it was written :

The Windows Live (WL) Service Intelligence team is seeking a strong developer to help advance the state of service monitoring in WL. WL includes some of the largest services in the world (Hotmail and Messenger), up and coming services like SkyDrive, and a variety of popular Windows clients including modern Windows 8 clients.

So this suggests we can expect a newer version of Windows Live Messenger with Sky Drive in it as well i.e Microsoft still developing Windows 8 to sync with Cloud Services via WLM.

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