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Windows 8 build 8063

According to , latest knows Windows 8 compiled build is 8063. The complete build string is 8063.0.110804-1922. This build belongs to Windows 8 milestone 3 and was compiled on 4th… Read more »

Windows 8 build 8030 and New Notification Indicator

We have been continuously tracking Windows 8 compiled builds and we earlier stated that Microsoft Next operating  system windows 8 is nearing beta. With Windows 8 leaks continuously hitting the… Read more »

Windows 8 Computex partner ARM demo [Video]

We have earlier reported that Microsoft officially revealed Windows 8 tablets prototype running on ARM processors. This is Microsoft’s first step in tablet market and it seems to be huge…. Read more »

Windows 8 build 7996

We have been reporting a lot of Windows 8 features and leaked builds ,with the latest leaked Windows 8 build 7859 . Though we all are crazy and have been waiting about… Read more »

Windows 8 video featuring Touch Effects/Gestures and Metro UI OOBE

With latest Windows 8 build 7955 leak , lots of beta collectors and tweakers have started digging the latest build.nd thus lots of new features have started surfacing over the… Read more »

Windows 8 to have “Hybrid Boot”

With Windows 8 build 7850 leak , lots of new Windows 8 features are being discovered. Recently , one of italian websites , uncovered a feature that will allow windows… Read more »

Windows 8 explorer to have ribbon UI

Ribbon UI was initially introduced with office 2007 and Microsoft seem to keep on the same track by adding Ribbon UI in Windows 8 as well. Windows 7 also have office 2007… Read more »

Windows 8 M3 testing for Avast this Spring

It’s not been much time when Microsoft have stepped into compilation of Windows 8 milestone 3 and latest build information we have is Windows 8 build 7961 . Recently in… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7959 : Milestone 3 first Screenshots

Windows 8  best source of information of leaks , Zukona  once again came up with another windows 8 build leak. This leak is also accompanied with Windows 8 setup screenshots… Read more »

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