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Windows 8 RTM build 8253 Compiled [Rumor]

Recently , we shared new leaked screenshots from Windows 8 build 8518 ,stating Microsoft is making some last moment changed before Windows 8 to be RTM. Lately winunleaked shared that the latest compiled… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7985 @Computex demo

Windows 8 first official preview was made by Microsoft very own Windows chief , Steven Sinofsky @D9 conference and Mike Angiulo, corporate vice president of Windows Planning, Hardware and PC… Read more »

Windows 8 build 8006

Windows 8 beta build is what everyone looking forward too. We earlier reported that latest Windows 8 build compiled was build 7996 , but lately in the mean time few… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7996

We have been reporting a lot of Windows 8 features and leaked builds ,with the latest leaked Windows 8 build 7859 . Though we all are crazy and have been waiting about… Read more »

Windows 8 video featuring Touch Effects/Gestures and Metro UI OOBE

With latest Windows 8 build 7955 leak , lots of beta collectors and tweakers have started digging the latest build.nd thus lots of new features have started surfacing over the… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7980

Windows 8 build 7978 was the last known build compiled yet.Zukona confirms that the latest build compiled is build 7980. The complete build string is 6.2.7980.0.110407-1832. This build was compiled on April 7…. Read more »

Windows 8 build 7978

According to Zuko , In a recent tweet by twitter user robyroby27 the latest Windows 8 build compiled is build 7978. Complete build string is 6.2.7978.0.110405-1746 . Windows 8 is still… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7974

While its April Fool’s day and we are still expecting a Windows 8 leak a source confirms that latest windows 8 build compiled is build 7974.The complete build string is … Read more »

Windows 8 latest build 7964

Once again zuko is back in action , and he discovers the latest Windows 8 builds as 7964 . The screenshot for about page was revealed by Twitter user RobyRoby27… Read more »

Windows 8 builds

Hi guys. From now onwards we will keep a proper track of each and every build of Windows 8. We will keep updating our Windows 8 build page too.. Windows… Read more »

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