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Windows 8 build 7996

We have been reporting a lot of Windows 8 features and leaked builds ,with the latest leaked Windows 8 build 7859 . Though we all are crazy and have been waiting about… Read more »

Windows 8 Low Memory DWM and Aero

Recently we disclosed some Windows 8 Metro UI screenshots , and our friends at winreview have shared some Windows 8 M3 DWM(Dynamic Window Manager) and Aero Screenshots .Since Windows 8… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7968

Windows 8 milestone 3 compilation have taken pace and once again ANGEL OF DESPAIR have informed via Zuko that the latest windows 8 build compiled is build 7968 . The… Read more »

Windows 8 M3 testing for Avast this Spring

It’s not been much time when Microsoft have stepped into compilation of Windows 8 milestone 3 and latest build information we have is Windows 8 build 7961 . Recently in… Read more »

Windows 8 builds

Hi guys. From now onwards we will keep a proper track of each and every build of Windows 8. We will keep updating our Windows 8 build page too.. Windows… Read more »

Windows 8 release by Jan 7 2013

Again from Wzor its been expected that Windows 8 will be released around January 7 2013 . So after Windows 8 Milestone 3 : ” * Then followed relizkandidat Windows… Read more »

Windows 8 build Roadmap

In our few recent posts,  we have been talking about Windows 8 Milestone 3 compilation which Mary-Jo Foley has confirmed to be true in her recent post . In her… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7959 : Milestone 3 first Screenshots

Windows 8  best source of information of leaks , Zukona  once again came up with another windows 8 build leak. This leak is also accompanied with Windows 8 setup screenshots… Read more »

Windows 8 Milestone 3 build 7955 and 7956

As expected Microsoft RoadMap for compilation for Windows 8 builds , just seems enough to be perfectly right. Proving this roadmap to be totally relevant, Windows 8 Milestone 3 Compilation… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7850 Escrow

Windows 8 leaks have taken a headstart since we have found the dates for compilation of windows 8 milestone 3 . Once again Canouna @ MDF posted the Windows 8… Read more »

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