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Windows 8 language explorer screenshot

Twitter have been a great source for all leaks about Windows 8 and office 15 as well. Canouna , The guy expected very close to Zukona have been continuously setting… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7959 : Milestone 3 first Screenshots

Windows 8  best source of information of leaks , Zukona  once again came up with another windows 8 build leak. This leak is also accompanied with Windows 8 setup screenshots… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7850 Escrow

Windows 8 leaks have taken a headstart since we have found the dates for compilation of windows 8 milestone 3 . Once again Canouna @ MDF posted the Windows 8… Read more »

Windows 8 UI : New entries “up button” n “Improved Windows updates”

Windows 8 is just about to start with compilation of Windows 8 milestone 3 , and once again zuko is back with some leaks for Windows 8 Milestone 2  again…. Read more »

Windows 8 build 7929

Windows 8 last build 7927 screenshots were tweeted by angelWZR few days back and now according to MDL forums , the latest build compiled for Windows 8 is build 7929… Read more »

Windows 8 build 7927 leaked (setup.exe screenshot)

Just after we released an information about Windows 8 build 7926 leak , Microsoft have geared up its activities for planning for Windows 8. After build 7926 , we have… Read more »

Windows 8 build leak : Build 7926 (Setup Screenshots)

After CES 2011 , where Steve Ballmer gave an insight on Windows 8 build 6.2.7867.0.101020-1800 and still got throught without disclosing the “Codename” for Windows 8 . Recently , AngelWZR… Read more »

Windows 8 build list updated , Latest build 7922

Once again Canouna have provided us some valuable information from the same source Zukona. Canouna is actively following Zukona and recently at

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