Windows 8 M3 wallpaper and Twin UI

It is believed that Windows 8 will have a Metro UI theme codenamed “Aero Lite” , Some of screenshots hinting about Windows 8 Metro UI leaked recently . Recently zdnet came up with some shout on Windows 8 new wallpaper and Twin UI . windows 8 m3 screen shot 300x187 Windows 8 M3 wallpaper and Twin UI(Click on the image to enlarge)

This wallpaper features Betta splendens species , which supports chances of Windows 8 beta to roll out soon. Some similar wallpaper was available for  Beta of Windows 7, featuring Siamese fighting fish.

To enjoy the earlier leaked wallpaper visit here.

Earlier windows 8 have been rumored to have Jupiter named UI library for Windows 8. Acc to source ,Jupiter hints are available as “Twin UI” via a new DLL named as TWINUI.DLL . Though this is still locked and would be enabled for later builds .

Recent screenshots suggest that Windows 8 might have history vault feature as well. You can also download Windows 8 via connect. The program is known as “Windows 8 and Server vNext Pre-Release Program.”


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