Windows 8 open to ISV’s for testing Anti-virus filter drivers

Windows 8 was to be set out for testing by leading companies like avast . Finally this rumor seems to be true. Recently in a survey posted at Microsoft Connect which states :

Early Engagement Anti-Virus Filter Event

* Indicates a required field.

This event is by invitation only. It is open to a limited number of ISVs selected by Microsoft to help verify compatibility of third-party Anti-virus filter drivers with the next version of Windows. Before proceeding to complete this registration form, please note the following:

  • Your company must receive an invitation email from Microsoft before completing this registration form. If you received an invitation, and your company is not listed under “Company Name” below, please contact fsfcomm[at]microsoft.com
  • This event has been planned specifically for Anti-virus filter drivers. Registrations submitted for other types of filter drivers will not be accepted at this time
  • Microsoft will plan to have a Filter Plugfest before the release of the next version of Windows. At Plugfest, we will extend the invitation to all Filter ISV companies, and will be able to support all classes of file systems filter drivers

Earlier we confirmed that Windows 8 build 7971 was available to download for Microsoft OEM partners @Microsoft Connect. Now with this survey it is confirmed that Microsoft Windows 8 M3 is under testing stage and have been sent to few ISV’s as well.

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