Windows 8 Open XPS will eliminate PDF readers

Its been long since we have update some news about Windows 8 since its Developer preview rolled out officially by Microsoft. Lately a lot has been happening around Microsoft and Windows 8 .

Open XML Paper Specification is now supported by Windows 8 build 8102 i.e Developer preview. We have already shared about a leaked inbuilt pdf reader in Windows 8 and now getting OpenXPS is surely a PDF killer.Microsoft is trying pretty hard to eliminate PDF ,and promote XPS as an alternative.

Adding from Microsoft :

“As an international standard, OpenXPS has several ecosystem advantages, compared to Microsoft XPS. First, there are a number of government agencies that require standardized document formats for internal use, and that requirement has been a barrier to the adoption of MSXPS in some cases. OpenXPS removes this barrier to adoption”

“Additionally, Microsoft has received feedback from hardware and software developers requesting a process that prevents frequent revisions and changes to the MSXPS format to prevent the frequent rewriting of their applications and drivers to match the arbitrary changes. OpenXPS is an international standard with a formalized change processes and a wide publication of revisions.”

Users should not hurry up and say goodbye for good to XPS, since the original XML Paper Specification continues to be supported in Windows 8. “Microsoft supports OpenXPS side-by-side with existing Microsoft XPS in Windows Developer Preview, including API, driver, and viewer support”

What do you think about Microsoft’s move?

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  • MCcz

    It may be a PDF killer, but as long as I don’t have one single tool as a .NET developer to open and read XPS and OXPS files, in my applications I’m sticking with PDF, which has plenty of good free and paid tools to do that.

  • Algae

    1. No support for XP, Vista, 7, Server 2008, Mac, Linux.

    2. No legacy default. XPS doc printer v4 defaults to oxps when printing to file. Can’t produce output to legacy XPS regardless of Policy/Registry settings.

    3. No effective converter for oxps to pdf except maybe some bizzaro “online” converters. Want to submit your proprietary docs to some “site”?

    4. Ghostscript and therefore all Ghostscript based converters and utilities can’t handle oxps.

    Try sending your customers an oxps and listen to them complain! A waste of time for developers and end users.

    I think I’ve got it. This is an effective “killer” for no one except maybe someone writing crap apps for Windows “Store”.

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