Windows 8 will run on Windows 7 or Vista Hardware

We were already wondering about Windows 8 Hardware requirements , Since big software giant is already planning AARM processors and tablets and we expected some changes in basic hardware requirements for Windows 8 . But to much of our surprise Windows 8 will be supported on Windows 7 systems itself.

Yes you heard it right. This is what  Tami Reller, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Windows division said :

“In both of our Windows 8 previews, we talked about continuing with the important trend that we started with Windows 7, keeping system requirements either flat or reducing them over time.Windows 8 will be able to run on a wide range of machines because it will have the same requirements or lower.”

“We’ve also built intelligence into Windows 8 so that it can adapt to the user experience based on the hardware of the user. So, whether you’re upgrading an existing PC, or buying a new one, Windows will adapt to make the most of that hardware.”

So you may not worry about new hardware upgrades for Windows 8 . Looks promising icon smile Windows 8 will run on Windows 7 or Vista Hardware

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